The heart of Freo redesigned for people.

At the centre of Fremantle’s civic and commercial heart this once-in-a-generation project will transform the heart of WA's favourite port city into a vibrant commercial and community hub - it's the Kings Square Renewal Project...


It's the largest public-private infrastructure project in Fremantle's history. A precinct-wide renewal of the Freo city centre with project partners Sirona Capital and the City of Fremantle redeveloping the buildings and public spaces in Kings Square where you will be able to:

  • Eat and shop - FOMO - Marching to the beat of its own drum. The rhythm of restlessness is coming! A retail and dining experience designed with Freo people in mind, unlike anything seen before in Australia.
  • Work - new 5-star green star commercial spaces including office accommodation for more than 1,750 State Government employees relocating to Fremantle.
  • Relax - a revamped city square complete with landscaped grassed area, shady trees, public art and new street furniture
  • Play - a major new children’s play space and baby change facilities.
  • Learn and transact - state-of-the-art council customer service and community learning hub (which includes a new library).
  • Meet - new competition-winning City administration building with purpose-built indoor and outdoor community spaces and meeting rooms.

The new Kings Square will also:

  • Boost the local economy -  more than 2,000 people working in Kings Square and an estimated $358m injected into the local economy.
  • Cater for everyone - designed for accessibility, the new buildings and public spaces will enable people of all ages and abilities to enjoy everything on offer in Kings Square. 
  • Embrace technology - Free wifi throughout the precinct with CCTV and enhanced lighting.
  • Utilise ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) principles -  Energy efficient building design with the use of renewable energy and water saving technologies. 
  • Be sensitive to local heritage - the buildings and public spaces  will fit with the unique character and history of Kings Square, enhancing the heritage values of the Fremantle Town Hall and church and becoming Freo's future heritage.

More workers, more activity during the working week, more people that may move to Fremantle to be closer to work in the city centre, more shops, more money for the local economy, more indirect jobs created, more community events, improved community safety and a better reputation for Fremantle. 

It's a game-changer for Fremantle!


Kings Square is transforming, be a part of this once-in-a-generation evolution.

Kings Square Fremantle Timeline


The heart of Fremantle is changing

Kings Square Fremantle Location
Kings Square location map


Kings Square has transformed over the years

Did you know Fremantle's Kings Square is WA's only formal town square and has contunually evolved over almost two centuries to suit the needs of the community? The current renewal of Kings Square is the most important in a generation!

A big thanks to the Fremantle History Centre for the great images of the past.  Read more about the history of Kings Square

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